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Note : The World DTL was being conducted before the formation of the ICTSF in 2008.


Down the Line.

1948.             1st  World DTL Championship.                 England.

1994.             2nd World DTL Championship.                 Wales.

1997.             3rd  World DTL Championship.                 Australia.

1999.             4th  World DTL Championship.                 Wales.          

2002.             5th  World DTL Championship.                 New Zealand.

2004.             6th  World DTL Championship.                 England.

2006.             7th  World DTL Championship.                 Australia.  


(Formation of ICTSF).


2008.             ICTSF 8th   World DTL Championship.     Ireland.

2010.             ICTSF 9th   World DTL Championship.     South Africa.

2012.             ICTSF 10th World DTL Championships.   Wales.

2014.             ICTSF 11th World DTL Championships.   New Zealand.

2016.             ICTSF 12th World DTL Championships.   Ireland.

2018.             ICTSF 13th World DTL Championships.   Australia.


English Sporting.

2011.             ICTSF 1st   World ESP Championships.    New Zealand.

2013.             ICTSF 2nd  World ESP Championships.    Canada. 

2015.             ICTSF 3rd   World ESP Championships.    South Africa.

2017.             ICTSF 4th    World ESP Championships.    England.

2019.             ICTSF 5th    World ESP Championships.    Ireland.


English Skeet.

2009.             ICTSF 1st  World SKT Championship.       England.

Currently Discontinued.


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